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Oh my god, that was really epinlich. I was with my Stecher at my parents to visit, also overnight. Since I like to sleep comfortably, they were so nice to leave us their marriage bed and they themselves sleep next door in the guest room. I actually just wanted to fall asleep in peace but the guy starts fumbling under the covers. "NO" I say, we have to be quiet - the parents are sleeping next door. He just doesn't stop and somehow it excited me, my pussy got wet. When I saw his semi-stiff cock, I just had to blow him and so it took its course. Due to the circumstances I came particularly quickly to the first orgasm and just managed not to abzusquirten. My lover noticed that and really stepped on the gas and I could no longer hold it. Oh God this is embarrassing ... I squirted several times in the marriage bed of my parents, oh dear. Again and again I come to orgasm and quietly I was certainly not. Last but not least, a large amount of sperm should also land in the bed, I just could not behrrschen. I suck the tail until he squirts and play with the horny cream. How do we stand there now? This is oberpeinlich or what do you think about it?
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