04:15 minwith sound
What was that for a fuck date? Romanticism I had honestly not expected but that I can hardly put into words. I was not even right in the apartment, as the guy already had his cock in his hand. Before I knew it, I knelt in front of him and had his thick Ficklatte in his mouth. Well no matter I thought to myself, it always comes down to fucking anyway! Horny was the guy already and his cock stood like one. What should go wrong, I thought to myself and was ready to let me fuck really hard. He said that he almost comes when blowing but I ignore that. Dolle he fucks me on the washing machine through. Doll - but only briefly. Quicky all well and good but so? Suddenly he pulls me down and already hits me an XXL sperm fountain. Wahnisnn how that came out. He samt my whole face full and I have to lick the tail clean. But then he throws me out of the apartment and I'm half naked, with sperm face in the stairwell? Madness!
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