07:25 minwith sound
This day will remain in my memory and certainly in the memory of my psychiatrist. I had gotten myself a rare appointment to find out if I am a sex addict or how bad it is. Lightly dressed and with high heels I took my place on the famous sofa. I was a bit embarrassed when I had to describe how my sex life is going and I couldn't help but mention that I had just been fucked and the sperm was sticking in my cunt. My psychiatrist tried to cover his shock, he had never experienced anything like that. When I spread my legs and he saw the sperm, he was very delighted. He really wanted to touch the warm sperm and my pussy. With mud sliding he had no experience but it turned him on very much and I noticed the bulge in his pants. I sucked his studied cock, which was also immediately hard. It was too intense to describe everything here but he enjoyed every thrust until he himself squirted the cum from the sack, right into my pussy..... Would you squirt in there too? Do you find this as horny? I am curious!
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