10:13 minwith sound


Fuck me in his bed !

Unbelievable, he leaves me alone again. As always, unfucked, unbalanced. That's what he did for the last time. I'm going to get fucked nicely now, in our marriage bed, in his sanctuary. Won't you take over, because I need a real strong cock now, which is really hard and fucks me - not such a limp sausage, like my husband's. So that it suits you beautifully, I dressed extra horny, just the way you like it. #HighHeels and #Wetlook #Leggings, that should be enough that you get pleasure. But first I'll blow you your rocket really nice stiff. Then you can fuck me bare and take what you like because I just want to be taken and surrender, use me! Your sperm you can drain where you want but I'll wipe it up with the towel of my husband. The next time he jerks in there, I think about how horny you fucked me!
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