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What a perverted guy! And I'm supposed to take out insurance with him? So to do some trading, I thought I'd put my rides in. My sexy outfit also included #nylons. Plus a skimpy little skirt, so you can see everything well, grin. The guy was staring at my stockings the whole time, so of course I played along. I dared to take the offensive and grabbed his crotch. At the same time I put my leg on the table and bang, I had him on the hook. He was so horny for me, he wanted to see my ass and lick my wet crack. I sucked his latte, which was already very hard. My God, he was hot, he completely lost control. He hammers my hard cock in ... and made me cheaper and cheaper offers for the insurance! That was the right way but there is more. He puts his cock in my stocking holder and I jerk off his spanking. He is so horny for the nylons that I jerk his cock with my feet, it's almost perverted! We both get closer to our goal. But the big question? Where can he cum, this perverted buck? #nylon #blowjob #fuck #cumshot #fetish #stockings

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