09:45 minwith sound
Oh God, what a soul trip I have to go through at my doctor's! I just made an appointment to find out if my excessive sex enjoyment and especially my dirty thoughts, are normal. It is more than strange when I sit on the sofa and have to describe my thoughts. At the same time, I notice how I'm getting horny again and my pussy is getting wet. Just the fact that he is my doctor turns me on! When I see a man, I want to take out his cock, suck and fuck it, enjoy his sperm. It doesn't take long and the fantasy becomes reality! First I examine his cock and then I let myself fuck on the sofa, where normally people lie and cry. A mega horny action! A bit strange but very unique! I reach orgasm super fast! You don't get that every day. But the satisfaction lasts only for a short time, because now I wonder what's up with your cock, it interests me, will you get it out for me?
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